Come back from a burn out!!

Hello everyone! I had been on a long hiatus from life and a much needed break. Now it is back to taking care of me and not feel guilty about it. 

Did anyone ever feel like everything is going so well, until everything comes to an end? Well welcome to my world but I won’t get into specifics. Just glad that I can write again and share my passion with my followers. ūüėÄ


I often wonder why people care what others say or think about them. The only thing that matters is respecting yourself. People who often talk are miserable with their own lives. As long as, you are honest and not out to hurt others, then others’ opinions don’t even matter. The only one we must answer to is God, so if others are talking — who cares! ūüôā Love, peace and blessings! ‚̧

Self-Respect Pic

Power of Giving

Why is it so difficult for people to give? Or are we fed up with being bombarded with fundraiser emails? However, I find myself giving more during the holidays; whether it is my time or money. Because the holidays make some people depress for whatever reason. There are many families who don’t even have much and can’t feed their love ones. My goal this Christmas is to throw a holiday party for the children in the shelter. I believe this will bring some normalcy in their lives. What child want to live in a shelter? NONE! I had the opportunity last year to help organized an amazing toy drive and the looks on the children’s faces brought tears to my eyes. Every child was able to leave with at least 3-4 toys each. This year I will like to top that by asking for help from the local businesses, electeds, public agencies and my community (friends and family members). I hope that I can pull it off in a short time frame so pray for me. ūüôā Love, peace and blessings! ‚̧

Giving 2


Courage is not easy for some people, but the time will come when we must be brave enough to take matters in our own hands. When we are aware that others have treated us cruelly or stolen our identity to get ahead in life, we must be able to stand in our own power and take actions. No matter what others think or say, they may call you bitter or scorn person, it doesn’t matter! It is about the principle. It is about justice. The American Way! Always stand by your values and always have integrity, God will make sure that justice is serve. Love, peace and blessings!



What does transformation really means to you? According to the internet, It means to transform or change your actions and thoughts. Many people want a different life but can’t deal with change. Which is difficult and painful. To have the life we dream of, we must make changes. We can’t have a positive life and be surrounded by negative people. It is impossible and can’t be done. My transformation is to be open to be love the right way and don’t accept bad behavior, lying, cheating and abuse. We must have the courage to change. Love, peace and blessings! ‚̧

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Sometimes it is hard for us to see how amazing we are until someone reveals it. Even though we may believe that we are wonderful, but we have to take an inventory who are in our lives and how they treat us. If we allow abuse, bad behavior, lying, cheating and disrespect; then we don’t value ourselves. How do we feel and what we allow should be aligned with our beliefs? If not, then there will always be confusions, conflicts, and/or drama. Start with loving ourselves first by taking care of our health, mental state, and spiritual growth. It is imperative that we are healthy prior being in a fulfilling relationship. If we don’t, then the cycle will continue until we change our mindset. It saddens me that I had to find out the hard way with lots of pain. And me hurting others. Now that I am on the path of healing, I hope that they can find it in their hearts to forgive me just as I find it in my heart to forgive them too.

Have a blessed and wonderful day. Love, peace and joy! ‚̧

Self worth

Dysfunctional behavior is the new norm

Sometimes I wonder, if I am on the same planet as other people. Why do we allow people¬†to mistreat us¬†as if it is okay? Why do so many people accept that type of behavior in their lives, anyway? Better yet, why do people pretend to be¬†something they are NOT? When did we stop loving ourselves, and crave for others to love us. No one cannot love us, until we love ourselves. And it start with what we allow in our lives, if we allow people to lie, cheat and abuse us; then we do not love ourselves. It is complicated¬†to understand people behavior but it is our responsibility to not allow foolishness in our lives. I know, some of us love to play the victim role. Look at what that person has done to me, but truthfully we did it to ourselves. Take a look at who is in our lives, if there is someone that don’t serve us any good, respect, purpose, or honesty. Then remove that person, and watch the Lord begin to bless us with greatness. Love, peace, joy and blessings! ‚̧




How to stay focus

I find it so hard to stay focus when I have so much going on in my life. The goal for 2014 is to concentrate on my dreams and goals, but I want to do so much that it is hard to focus on only one. So I did some research on how to focus, hope these tips will help you as well.

10 tips to stay focus:

1. Create a daily routine.

2. Create a vision board, so you can see your goals clearly.

3. Keep your Big goals to a minimum, so you don’t become overwhelmed.

4. Finish everything you started, so you don’t feel guilty not doing something.

5. Take some time for yourself to relax. We all need some “me time.”

6. Focus on one thing at a time.

7. Write a daily to-do list.

8. Find a supporter to help you stay focus on your goals. Find a mentor, coach or a true friend.

9. Avoid distractions. Turn off all electronics.

10. Stay focus long term. Try meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises.

I¬†have done¬†most of the tips on the list and it has helped me to concentration. Love, peace, joy and blessings! ‚̧focus