Focus on the Positive

Good morning 👋! How many times we are face with obstacles trying to accomplish are dreams and goals? Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the message that must be learned. We are all students of the universe. So stop the negative mental chatter, ask yourself what is the message. Life is a blessings, so live it that way. Love, peace and blessings! ❤ 🙌🙏


Positivity is the Only Way

Many people would debate that being positive all the time is impossible, and they may be correct. However, thinking negative all the time, destroys the mind, the spirit, and the body. How many of your love ones are suffering with terminal illnesses? I know plenty and they are the ones that live with anxieties, depression and phobias. As far as I am concerned, there is no other way but to think and live POSITIVE. Enjoy your weekend and be positive! Love, peace, and blessings! ❤


Decided to Take a Different Path

When I decided to leave my job and return to school, all of my friends and family thought I was crazy. Life is too short to live a mediocre life, so go after your dreams and live life to the fullest with no regrets. The universe has so much to offer, but we need to believe in ourselves. So many people hate their jobs, but fear to leave for whatever reason. Trust me, I was one of them! It amazes me how people have the notion to get a job and retire when they are old. Then enjoy life! I totally disagree and dismiss that ideal. Life DO NOT begin after retirement, it begins NOW. So chase those dreams before it is to late, tomorrow is not possible to any of us. Best wishes to all of you! Love, peace and blessings! ❤