Create Your Future

Stop whining about how your life suck and create the life you dream. Don’t give others your power and say I don’t have control of my life. You do have control. But you have to believe it or no one will believe in your dreams. If you want more happiness in your life, then do what makes you happy. Life is what we make it.


Self-respect for Yourself

It’s ashamed that so many of us do not respect ourselves. If we did, then why do we stay in broken relationships or be bother with things that don’t serve us well. All relationships should be about growth, and not about misery. When we outgrow people, we must eliminate our time with them. I know it sounds mean, but we will be doing our soul and spirit justice.


Be Happy & Grateful

Our lives don’t have to be perfect for us to be happy. It starts with being grateful for what we have now. When we wake up everyday, then be grateful for life. Someone else may not have been that blessed. When we have a roof over our heads, then be grateful for shelter. Someone else place may have been burned down. At the end of the day, all we need is God, health, love ones, and a peace mind.


I Can!

Do you feel like giving up on your dreams? Did you start living your best life? We all seem to talk ourselves out of what we want with negative thoughts. I remembered when I decided to leave my job and return to college, I kept saying this is impossible. However, I made a promise to get my life in order. And it worked! I’m not homeless. There is food on the table everyday. There is a roof over my head. Bills are being paid with the grace of God. And I graduate next Spring 2014. I now have great, positive, supportive and amazing friends in my life. So get up and go after your dreams. Remember to say, “I CAN!”


The Good Life

A good life is not about complaining about our jobs, spouses, children, world events, or negative thinking. It’s about having joy and laughter. When was the last time you laugh? Go see a comedy show or watch a movie. Go to the park and walk bare feet in the grass. It’s a lot fun! Try it, you may enjoy it. The good life is about doing things that makes us happy.