Acts of Kindness

Good morning, hope all is well. When were the last time we did something kind for someone else, without expecting anything in return. Many of us do not give back, but expect a lot from others. There are many ways to show acts of kindness: (1) smile to a stranger, (2) pay the toll for another driver, (3) say “Good morning” to a stranger, (4) offer help to an elderly neighbor with errands, (5) buy someone a cup of coffee, and (6) give our seats to a pregnant woman or an elderly person. We never know, it may make that person feel love and special. Enjoy your day!

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Love, peace and blessings! ❤


2 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness

  1. Thank you for asking about how I create joy in the lives of the people of my world. Everyday I write personalized affirmation to help the Happiness Hunters that contact me connect to their inner source of happiness, their powerful hearts. Here is the an affirmation for you as a token of my appreciation for the like you have given my blog.

    Good Morning Sweet Melissa,

    I, Melissa, remember to laugh today and I feel my whole being relax. I do my best to find humour in every situation that arises so that I feel empowered and calm. Every time I laugh I create life giving nutrients that nourish every cell of my body. So today I find a funny video to watch or tell a joke to a friend, laugh at myself when I make a mistake or take myself and my life too seriously so that I feel lighter. I invest in my heart’s health today by being funny, or cute or witty, or outrageous, yes it is time for me to take my life lightly as I am a grand spiritual being that knows I am eternal, precious and infinite. I my worthy of great belly laughs and giggles of grace. I am a delightful child of the Universe and the Universe is empowered by my laughter.

    I, Stephanie, love to laugh, knowing that I am increasing my health and the health of those who hear my grand belly laughs. You are in charge of your response to the world so next time stress is high laugh, ho ho ho, ha ha ha, he he he, laughing is so good for me. Thank you for sharing your open hearted self with me. I Love You. :~)

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