Joy is an inner source, so don’t go looking for things that brings enjoyment. It’s like the presence of God. It’s an inner peace and calmness which so many do not have. It’s the ability to relax during storms. Lots of people confuse it with happiness, but the two are different.


Stay Away from Negative People

It may seem impossible to stay away from negative people, but it is essential to your health that you do so. Negative people will drain all your energy and make you feel lifeless. Negative people will try to control your every move. Negative people are egotistical. Every thing is all about them. Negative people love DRAMA! Nothing about them is peaceful. Do yourself a favorite, run as fast as you can.


Charismatic People

Charismatic people build and maintain healthy relationships. They are able to persuade others in a positive way. They are the ones people make their leaders. It is not about the level of success, the way they carry themselves or how they dress. These are the habits of charismatic people: (1) “listen more than talk, to make others feel important”; (2) “Speak to only say something important”; (3) “Give people their full attention”; (4) “They give before they receive, focus on what they can provide”; (5) “Don’t act self-important”; (6) “They shine the spotlight on others”; and (7) “Choose words carefully, to make other people feel better about themselves.”

Their success doesn’t always equate to superficial success. They have charisma like a rock. They are humble, admit to their mistakes, laugh at themselves and tell stories carefully. Too bad many try, but charisma can’t be fake. It comes naturally!


The World Needs a Change

There are many tragedies happening in the world daily. It makes you wonder what is the purpose being here. The purpose is to love each other, but that isn’t always easy to do. If God made everything simple for you, then how can you learn our lessons. Focus on tour true purpose, and watch the world change to a peaceful place to live.


Change is a Choice

How many times you get bored with life and claimed to change? All of us do, but to really change you have to commit to it. It is not easy, but it is possible. However, it is harder to change for the positive; if you are surrounded by negative people. So figure it out, what is important to you then do it.