Shine On Award


I am grateful that Christine has nominated my blog for the “Shine On” Award. Please check out her blog, great blog!

Here are the award’s rules:

1. Display the award logo on your website

2. Link back to the person who kindly nominated you -
 Thank you again

3. Share seven things about your lovely self:

1 – I am a mother of two.

2 – I am a full-time student and my major is Forensic Psychology.

3 – I am on a political committee to help get equality for all.

4 – I love classical music.

5 – I love to read, listen to music, football, and people.

6 – I enjoy writing!

7 – I love all seasons.

4. Choose fifteen bloggers to nominate for this award, and ensure you link them back to the award page:

Congratulations to the nominees and please check out their blogs! Thanks again Christine! ❤


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