Life is Precious

Sometimes we don’t know how life is a blessings and the people in our lives are special too. Sometimes we take people for granted by never telling them what they mean to you. Sometimes we focus on our dreams and goals that we miss the great moments. Take the time to spend quality days with our loves ones, so we have no regrets. Enjoy your day! ❤


Stand in your true light

Never try to be anything, but your true self. Never be jealous of anyone because you don’t know their pain. Never compete with anyone because we are all unique. Never allow anyone to mistreat you because you are a gem. Never manipulate anyone to have your way because it will only be temporary. Never chase people because if you have to then they are not worth your time. Remember to always love yourself first! ❤


Be Your Own Person

Competing with others only displays how insecure you are with yourself. Don’t concern yourself with others are doing, just do you. If others are talking behind your back, chances are they are talking about them too. Treat it as a life lesson and move forward. Life is beautiful to be miserable. Enjoy your weekend! ❤


Window 328 – The light that ends suffering

A Window Of Wisdom


“A broken spirit can be healed through love and the wisdom of someone who overcame the same type of suffering.”

The life situations that almost break us, are endured to heal and gain strength within the areas of our own life, to which we can then  pass on the wisdom gained and help someone else suffering the same or worse, in order to help them from becoming broken.

~ WOW ~

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Powerful Women

Deducation to beautiful and powerful women who wants to make a difference in the world. Women are powerful beings and most times they don’t know their strength which allow others to take them for granted. Keep your faith in the Lord and they will prevail.