Top 10 Reasons To Smile

The Freckled Fellow

You sit nervously at your desk while your teacher gives back graded tests.  You studied all week.  You stayed up late.  You skipped date night.  You receive your test, quickly skim to the bottom, and see a crazy red symbol: A.  You breathe a sigh of relief, and finally let an ear-to-ear smile take over your face.

We’re accustomed to smiling after receiving after receiving positive news, hearing a great joke, or seeing our friends.  However, when you step back, you realize there are many smaller moments (that are less profound) that deserve a smile as well, as they happen much more frequently.  There are also functions under the skin surface that you never see, but can definitely feel.  Case in point: spend as much time smiling as possible (without being weird about it).

Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Smile:

1 – It’s healthy.  Smiling reduces stress…

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6 Steps To CREATE A New You

Energize Your Thoughts

6 Steps To CREATE A New You

In order to free yourself from false beliefs about yourself, you have to believe that you deserve that which you want. However, creating a new you is a matter of choice. You can start by CANCELLING old beliefs, thinking anew and acting anew. Upon cancelling your old beliefs, you want to REPLACE them with more positive beliefs. Once you replace the old beliefs, you want to ENGAGE in meaningful activities daily. By doing so, it will help you to change your focus. Once you start to engage in meaningful activities, you want to AFFIRM the you that you would like to become. Your imagination will serve as a remarkable tool in the process of creating a new you. After you affirm yourself with what you want daily, you have to TRAIN yourself to implement new habits consistently. You must realize that the belief you once held of yourself was learned…

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Have some fun

When was the last time you let your hair down, I did on a Tuesday night. This is not the norm for me, but I wanted to be more daring. When you find life has lost its sexiness, just run around in the house nude (when the children are in school) screaming your head off. Try it, lots of fun. Lol Enjoy your night! ❤


Life Events

Life invites us the good and bad, but how we handle it determines the outcome. Don’t feed into people drama or negativity, focus on positive things in life. Stay surrounded by supporters and those that believe in your dreams. Then life can be perceived as a blessing, enjoy your day.