Appreciation Day

As we move into 2014, how many of us stop to thank our love ones for being there for us? Since I didn’t, I want to dedicate today’s blog post to my family, friends, colleagues and others who made a positive difference in my life. Thank you for being there for me!! Happy New Year and may God bring y’all joy, prosperity, love, and peace!

Love, peace, joy and blessings! ❤



It is not always easy to stay focus on our goals with so many distractions in our lives. Many of us are wearing multiple hats that we forget what our true purpose is on the planet. We have to remove whatever or whomever don’t serve our highest good. There will always be someone trying to sabotage our dreams, but don’t allow them. Don’t give up our power, and stay focus. Remember God is in control. Love, peace, joy, and blessings! ❤


There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way



So here we are 21 habits and 3 weeks later and what have I learned from the Flow Happiness Project? Well quite a lot actually and probably more than I expected to.  So here is my take on happiness…

1. Happy people know their why

Happiness is essentially and absolutely a state of mind and has nothing to do with what you have or what other people do or do not do for you.  Happy people have a clear sense of meaning and purpose in relation to their lives which is not determined by external factors or prescribed by someone else. This inner ‘knowing’ about why they are here and what they are here to do also makes them more resilient which stands them in good stead, even in more challenging times.  In other words, happy people choose to be happy despite NOT because of whatever else is happening in their lives.

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Don’t waste your time

Hope everyone had a great holiday, I had a fabulous time. It was great to be among love ones. As you move in 2014, assess your inner circle and eliminate people who don’t serve any purpose in your life. If that person makes you feel uncomfortable, then let that person go. If that person continues to hurt you, forgive and then let that person go. Life is too precious to be concerned about people insecurities, jealousies, and/or low self-esteem, so don’t allow people in your life to sabotage your success. Just let them GO!!!

Love, peace, joy and blessings! ❤


Do you listen to God’s wisdom?

How many of us pray to God to answer our prayers? When He does, how many of us listen? Many of us ignore His messages. We call our friends, family, and colleagues for advice; but we don’t listen to the Creator of all things. How can we expect miracles, when we go to mediocre? Then we want to know why our lives are a mess. No disrespect to anyone, but humans are limited. We don’t have the answers, so why doubt God. As it states in Proverbs 4:5 NIV, “Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them.” Next time we pray, try to listen to Him.

Happy Christmas Eve! Love, peace, joy, and blessings! ❤


Find your Purpose

After the toy giveaway event we hosted yesterday, I can truly say that I found my purpose. I like to be engaged, educated, and empowered people to help them find their true life purpose is my calling. Whenever I was glued to an office or a desk, my spirit was not satisfied. I found myself daydreaming or wondering around. However, the bright smiles on the children’s faces yesterday; brought me great joy. To see each child go home with more than one toy, was truly a blessing.

I find it rather dull to live without a purpose, but how do you find your true calling. Ask yourself the following things listed below:

1. Make a list of what brings you joy. Is it listening to music, reading a book, volunteering, cooking, singing, dancing, meeting new people and etc.?
2. Who do you admire and why? I admire Oprah because she gives to so many people.
3. What comes naturally to you without thinking about it? Great ideas, come to me naturally.
4. After you have assessed the above mentioned things, sit down and do something on that list daily.
5. Write down your feelings when you are doing the things. Does it make you excited, happy, joyful, or sad?
6. Do it with fear. It’s normal to feel afraid to do something new, but don’t allow it to hinder your growth. I am afraid to speak in front of people, but I got on the microphone yesterday in front of lots of people. And I rocked it! Lol

Do not live another day without a purpose! Love, peace and blessings! ❤


Power vs. Love

Often I hear someone say he or she is in love, but months later that person no longer feels the same. How do people really know that they are in love or under some type of spell called Power? Since I was curious about the difference, I looked up the definition for both. Power is a person who exercises control, influence others. Love is to experience deep affection or intense desire for another. I was still clueless, so I did more research.

This is what I found out about power. It destroys. It enslaves. It brings darkness. It controls. It is heavy. It kills. It is prideful. It hoards. It closes. It brings sadness. It is well understood. It is discordant. It spreads falsehood. It is ultimately ineffective. It is in a hurry. It is Satan!

Love creates. Love gives freedom. Love brings light. Love cooperates. Love opens. Love shares. Love reveal the truth. Love brings joy. Love is ultimately effective. Love is poorly understood. Love is patient. Love is humble. Love whisper. Love resurrects. Love is God!

So the next time you have doubts, trust what your heart is saying and that should be your answer. Love, peace and blessings! ❤