Benefits of Spending Time Alone

Guess who is back, sorry for the hiatus. I needed some time to get my mind right. Sometimes we need to spend more time alone, so we can regroup. This is why I dedicate today’s post to the benefits of some ‘me time’ just in time for the holiday cray.

Benefits of solitude
1. Allows you to get the mind right – being busy all the time is not healthy.

2. Helps you to focus and become productive – can’t be productive if you are running in circles.

3. Helps you discover “who am I” – don’t feel bad, lots of people don’t have a clue. So take the time to find out.

4. Provides mental depth – when I’m alone, I think about where my life is and where I hope to be. So try it.

5. Helps with finding solutions – this is my favorite since I’m a problem solver. I don’t have the time to hear the cause of a problem all the time. I need answers.

6. Helps to improve your relationships – if we are in each other faces all the time, then how can I miss you. I won’t! So do your thang, let me do mines. 🙂

Happy holidays everyone and remember take some time for you. Love, peace and blessings! ❤


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