Power vs. Love

Often I hear someone say he or she is in love, but months later that person no longer feels the same. How do people really know that they are in love or under some type of spell called Power? Since I was curious about the difference, I looked up the definition for both. Power is a person who exercises control, influence others. Love is to experience deep affection or intense desire for another. I was still clueless, so I did more research.

This is what I found out about power. It destroys. It enslaves. It brings darkness. It controls. It is heavy. It kills. It is prideful. It hoards. It closes. It brings sadness. It is well understood. It is discordant. It spreads falsehood. It is ultimately ineffective. It is in a hurry. It is Satan!

Love creates. Love gives freedom. Love brings light. Love cooperates. Love opens. Love shares. Love reveal the truth. Love brings joy. Love is ultimately effective. Love is poorly understood. Love is patient. Love is humble. Love whisper. Love resurrects. Love is God!

So the next time you have doubts, trust what your heart is saying and that should be your answer. Love, peace and blessings! ❤


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