Find your Purpose

After the toy giveaway event we hosted yesterday, I can truly say that I found my purpose. I like to be engaged, educated, and empowered people to help them find their true life purpose is my calling. Whenever I was glued to an office or a desk, my spirit was not satisfied. I found myself daydreaming or wondering around. However, the bright smiles on the children’s faces yesterday; brought me great joy. To see each child go home with more than one toy, was truly a blessing.

I find it rather dull to live without a purpose, but how do you find your true calling. Ask yourself the following things listed below:

1. Make a list of what brings you joy. Is it listening to music, reading a book, volunteering, cooking, singing, dancing, meeting new people and etc.?
2. Who do you admire and why? I admire Oprah because she gives to so many people.
3. What comes naturally to you without thinking about it? Great ideas, come to me naturally.
4. After you have assessed the above mentioned things, sit down and do something on that list daily.
5. Write down your feelings when you are doing the things. Does it make you excited, happy, joyful, or sad?
6. Do it with fear. It’s normal to feel afraid to do something new, but don’t allow it to hinder your growth. I am afraid to speak in front of people, but I got on the microphone yesterday in front of lots of people. And I rocked it! Lol

Do not live another day without a purpose! Love, peace and blessings! ❤


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