Sometimes I wonder what make some people stronger and some weaker, guess it has a lot to do with the pain people endure. As a woman, I have endured in lots of pain, but I didn’t allow it to define who I am as a person. The tragedies that I have encountered in the past has made me stronger. But you can eliminated lots of pain by creating healthy boundaries, then no one can hurt your feelings. Even if, someone does hurt your feelings, talk to them immediately. If it continues, then remove them from your life. Why hold on to someone that has no respect for you? Stop giving people your power, they don’t deserve it.

Here are ways to increase your strength:

  1. Don’t give your power away.
  2. Forget about the pity party.
  3. Embrace change.
  4. If you can’t control it, then let it go!
  5. Don’t kiss people behind to get ahead.
  6. Be a risk taker.
  7. Don’t hold on the past. No one likes a whiner or complainer.
  8. Mistakes are lessons, so don’t repeat.
  9. Don’t be a hater or jealous of other people success, it would make bitter.
  10. If you fall, then get back up. Never give up!
  11. It is normal to feel fear, so just do it.
  12. Get it out of your head, no one owes you a darn thing.
  13. Success is a slow process, so don’t expect rapid results.

Love, peace, joy and blessings! ❤


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