How to stay focus

I find it so hard to stay focus when I have so much going on in my life. The goal for 2014 is to concentrate on my dreams and goals, but I want to do so much that it is hard to focus on only one. So I did some research on how to focus, hope these tips will help you as well.

10 tips to stay focus:

1. Create a daily routine.

2. Create a vision board, so you can see your goals clearly.

3. Keep your Big goals to a minimum, so you don’t become overwhelmed.

4. Finish everything you started, so you don’t feel guilty not doing something.

5. Take some time for yourself to relax. We all need some “me time.”

6. Focus on one thing at a time.

7. Write a daily to-do list.

8. Find a supporter to help you stay focus on your goals. Find a mentor, coach or a true friend.

9. Avoid distractions. Turn off all electronics.

10. Stay focus long term. Try meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises.

I have done most of the tips on the list and it has helped me to concentration. Love, peace, joy and blessings! ❤focus


2 thoughts on “How to stay focus

  1. I have tried to become focused on my life but I have so much going on all the time I find it difficult to concentrate. I am opened to any & all ways for me to commit. PLEASE ADVISE ♫ .(ړײ) ♫. ♥. ~

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