Dysfunctional behavior is the new norm

Sometimes I wonder, if I am on the same planet as other people. Why do we allow people to mistreat us as if it is okay? Why do so many people accept that type of behavior in their lives, anyway? Better yet, why do people pretend to be something they are NOT? When did we stop loving ourselves, and crave for others to love us. No one cannot love us, until we love ourselves. And it start with what we allow in our lives, if we allow people to lie, cheat and abuse us; then we do not love ourselves. It is complicated to understand people behavior but it is our responsibility to not allow foolishness in our lives. I know, some of us love to play the victim role. Look at what that person has done to me, but truthfully we did it to ourselves. Take a look at who is in our lives, if there is someone that don’t serve us any good, respect, purpose, or honesty. Then remove that person, and watch the Lord begin to bless us with greatness. Love, peace, joy and blessings! ❤




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