I often wonder why people care what others say or think about them. The only thing that matters is respecting yourself. People who often talk are miserable with their own lives. As long as, you are honest and not out to hurt others, then others’ opinions don’t even matter. The only one we must answer to is God, so if others are talking — who cares! 🙂 Love, peace and blessings! ❤

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Power of Giving

Why is it so difficult for people to give? Or are we fed up with being bombarded with fundraiser emails? However, I find myself giving more during the holidays; whether it is my time or money. Because the holidays make some people depress for whatever reason. There are many families who don’t even have much and can’t feed their love ones. My goal this Christmas is to throw a holiday party for the children in the shelter. I believe this will bring some normalcy in their lives. What child want to live in a shelter? NONE! I had the opportunity last year to help organized an amazing toy drive and the looks on the children’s faces brought tears to my eyes. Every child was able to leave with at least 3-4 toys each. This year I will like to top that by asking for help from the local businesses, electeds, public agencies and my community (friends and family members). I hope that I can pull it off in a short time frame so pray for me. 🙂 Love, peace and blessings! ❤

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